St. James


The St. James PDC was established in 1999 as part of the process of Local Government Reform arising from a pilot project and replacing the Parish Advisory Committee.  The St James PDC started out with approx. 75 members/stakeholders and a Secretariat coordinated jointly by the SDC and the St James Parish Council.

Today the St James PDC has a Secretariat staffed by volunteers and a full time Social Worker, with a combination of professional skills which together with those of the Executive Committee /Board of Directors should enable the further development of the STJPDC.

Incorporation: Currently the STJPDC is awaiting documents for resubmission to the Companies Office of Jamaica as it pursues the Resolution passed at its Annual General Meeting 2007 for it to be incorporated as a company, and on the advise of NAPDEDC.

The structure of the STJPDC
St James PDC encompasses the Executive Committee of the PDC with the following
Board of Directors:
Chairman Mr. Mark Kerr- Jarrett, JP
1st Vice Chairman – Mr. Gerard Mitchell, JP
2nd Vice Chairman – Mr. Percy Stewart
Treasurer – Mrs. Genevieve Harty
Secretary – Mrs .Marilyn Nash, JP
Public Relations – Mr. O. Dave Allen
Directors – Mr. N. Thomas,
Mr. D. Colomathi – DAC Adelphi
Mr. R. Green – DAC Cambridge
Mr. D. Kennedy – DSC Maroon Town
Mr. E. Anderson – Health Sector Representative
Mr. O. Steer – Youth Representative

Patron for the STJPDC
is the Custos Rotolorum for the Parish of St James– Hon. E. Corrodus, CD, JP

Honorary Members – Retired Governor General Sir Howard Cooke & Lady Cooke
Retired Custos Hon. Clarence Nelson & Mrs. Nelson
Former Mayor, Noel Donaldson now OPM WR Executive Director

Ex-Officio Members – His Worship the Mayor Charles Sinclair, The Secretary/Manager for the                 St. James Parish Council, All Members of Parliament for St. James and
Councillors of the St. James Parish Council,

Sub-Committees of the STJPDC:

  • Community Safety Council(Parish  Crime Committee) & Education/Life Skills
  • Chairman– Mr. Mark Kerr-Jarrett, JP
  • Mrs. W. Harper – CSC Coord &
  • Miss. Ruthann Gordon, Coordinator – Education & Life Skills
  • Governance Sub-Committee
  • Chairman – Mr. Gerard Mitchell, JP
  • Mrs. W. Harper & Ms. S. Walters – Coord.
  • Child Protection Committee – Mr. Mark Kerr-Jarrett, JP
  • Mrs. W. Harper, Coord.
  • Planning Committee  -Chairman -Mr. Winston Dear, JP,
  • Miss Nathalee Ferguson, Coordinator
  • Finance Committee – Chair- Mrs. G. Harty
  • Deputy: Mrs. Charmaine McIntosh
  • Hospitality & Outreach Committee –Chaired by – Mrs. M. Nash, JP &
  • Deputy Chair/Coord: Ms. Sonia Walters
  • Communications  & PR–
  • Chairman – Mr. O. Dave Allen
  • Communication Team:  Secretariat Members

Meet the Team:
St. James PDC Secretariat Team Members
Administrator- Mrs. Winsome Harper
Social Worker/Asst. Admin – Ms. Sonia Walters
Social Policy/Sustainable Development Officer – Miss Nathalee Ferguson
Psychologist/Life Skills Coach – Miss Ruthann Gordon
Community Outreach Officer – Mrs. Pauline White
Youth Laision-    Ms. Cheryl Foster, student of Sam Sharp Teachers College

Effective December 2011 the Secretariat Team will also act as Coordinators to strengthen the activities of the PDC Sub-Committees listed above.

CBO Structure of St. James PDC

3 DACs in the parish namely DAC Adelphi chaired by Mr. Donald Colomathi, DAC Cambridge chaired by Mr. Ralph Green and DAC Maroon Town chaired by Mr. Delroy Kennedy.  The parish has 77 CDCs and CBO.

St. James Multi Stakeholder process
The STJPDC also works with the St. James Parish Council, the SDC, CSJP, JCDC, UDC and MBCC etc. to enable a dynamic Multi-stakeholder process in the parish of St. James.


During the period Nov 2009 – June 2010 the St James Parish Development Committee was the recipient of funding for the Secretariat Administrator, Mrs. Harper contracted to assist with capacity building of the PDC.

Background of the EU RESISP Project
The St James PC and its partnering Parish Councils obtained a grant from the EU to be used to strengthen the PDCs in related parishes namely St. James St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary, Clarendon and St. Catherine.  Under this project the PDC Administrator enabled the capacity building of the STJPDC Secretariat.  Overall Functional responsibilities of the PDC Secretariat for each Parish Council to provide support services for the STJPDC in five functional areas namely participatory partnership process, Technical Process, Political Process, Resource Mobilization and Project Administration and Management.

The following are some of the activities now taking place with STJPDC:

  • Liase with the Kensington Basic School/Community Centre arising from the EU Project
  • Coordinate the Child Protection Committee Pilot Project for St. James – a MLSS/ILO Tackle project to enable the establishment of a drop in centre for the Project;
  • Liaise with the St. James PC and NEPA re the Development Plan and the Development Order for St. James;
  • Establish a Parish Communication Plan for St. James under the NAPDEC/UNDP/UWI Project
  • Workshops arranged by the STJPDC Secretariat for CDCs & CBOs/DACs in a variety of areas including capacity building workshops jointly held with the SDC.

Achievements to date:
The completion and submission of the Parish Crime Prevention Plan for St. James to the Ministries of National Security and Justice

An energized Multi-stakeholder process coordinated by STJPDC for St James
The establishment of the youth team ‘PDC Kids” participatory in Festival Gala and other parish activities ages from 3 – 17 years old, mainly from Montego Bay’s Mt. Salem area.
To date there are approx. 200 PDC Kids, and their Annual Christmas Treat will be held on Friday 23 December 2011. Feel free to contact the Secretariat to donate to their Christmas Treat Wish List.